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Our award-winning builds are here to challenge and reimagine the future of Australian homes. Designed hand-in-hand with globally recognised architects and delivered to the Sunshine Coast by our expert construction team, LAWRIE homes are leading high-end housing into a new, sustainable future.

Discover LAWRIE

Our mission is to design and build exceptional, innovative homes that complement the breathtaking landscapes of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Our philosophy views homes as creative expressions of unique identities, representing us best when in synergy with the local landscape.

We take clients’ visions from conception to completion, collaborating seamlessly with our team of artisans to deliver an unparalleled construction experience. Our work has a certain magic to it that cannot be replicated; A balanced intertwining of art and functionality.

LAWRIE Constructions

We build some of the most esteemed, award-winning homes on the Sunshine Coast, and we’re proud of our reputation for developing positive relationships with clients and architects alike.

Our individual, custom homes are infamous for their bespoke details and superior quality, and our clients also have confidence knowing they are consciously crafted.

Led by Dayne Lawrie, our construction team consists of top-tier professionals who exemplify the high level of integrity and talent we hold ourselves to. The awards and nominations we receive for our houses highlight our team’s accomplishments and keep proving our commitment to excellence.

We devote ourselves to building unique, architectural residences and have the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver them, key in hand.

LAWRIE Designs

At LAWRIE, we take homes from conceptual design to completed construction.

We partner with leading architects and designers from across Australia and the world to offer an integrated build process, whether residential or commercial.

By working collaboratively with top architects, we focus on cutting-edge design that always considers the unique block of land we are building on.

Our design process is always led by our clients. We work with architects who are adept at bringing a client’s vision and ideas to life while we seamlessly integrate the functionality and purpose expected and required of a home.

Our qualifications, experience and rapport give us an advanced, holistic approach to home design and construction, enabling us to deliver challenging, custom houses that are individual to each client.

LAWRIE Developments

Backed by our exceptional track record of award-winning projects and leading consultants, we have exclusive developments being designed and built on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Starting with land acquisition and statutory approvals, we manage these projects through each stage of design and construction.

LAWRIE developments are created in partnership with architects and designers to deliver industry-leading exterior and interior designs. Our team’s expertise provides exciting opportunities for shared success.

Get in touch to submit interest in future development opportunities.

Meet The Director

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Dayne Lawrie

Managing Director

With over 15 years of industry experience across South Australia and Queensland, Dayne Lawrie is not your average Sunshine Coast builder.

Dayne’s connection to the sea runs deep, as he grew up in a fishing family in South Australia. Driven by his passion to create meaningful buildings, he marries a lifelong understanding of coastal environments to his obsession with detail and natural design elements.

Having built houses from conception to completion for many years in challenging seaside locations, he has a high level of industry knowledge in every aspect required.

A registered builder – who is also licensed in carpentry, tiling, plastering, concreting, and roofing – Dayne’s proven knowledge gives him a holistic edge in delivering custom projects of any scale and design challenge.

“A perfect building should enhance its surroundings and give new life to the people who live in it.”

– Dayne Lawrie

Drawn to the Sunshine Coast for its spectacular landscape and ocean centred lifestyle, he is living his dream in Peregian Beach with his wife.

Our Awards & Recognitions

2023 HIA Australian Outdoor Project finalist The Barn
2022 Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay Home of the Year The Barn
2022 Queensland Outdoor Project of the Year The Barn
2022 Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay Custom Built Home over $1.5m The Barn
2022 Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay Outdoor Area of the Year The Barn
2020 Sunshine Coast Custom Built Home $1m-$2m Compass
2020 Sunshine Coast Kitchen of the Year Compass
2018 QLD Spec Home of the Year Balgownie II
2018 Finalist AU Spec Home of the Year Balgownie II
2018 Custom Built Home $1m-$2m Sunshine Coast Lorikeet
2018 Outdoor Project of the Year Lorikeet
2018 QLD Outdoor Project of the Year Lorikeet
2017 Sunshine Coast Bathroom of the Year Balgownie I
2017 Spec Home of the Year Balgownie I
2017 QLD Spec Home of the Year Balgownie I
2017 Finalist AU Spec Home of the Year Balgownie I