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‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.'
– Albert Einstein

LAWRIE and Sustainability

Surrounded with stunning views of the Sunshine Coast, we approach our work from of a place of deep respect for the environment and local ecosystems. Influenced by this, sustainability forms the foundation of our approach to both design and construction.

At LAWRIE, we actively implement practices that minimise our footprint. Our focus on safer, superior, locally sourced materials, benefits both people and the places we call home.

Each of our buildings are thoughtfully constructed, accomplishing our clients’ goals for a space that personifies both their lifestyles and their values. We take just as much pride in architectural excellence as we do in knowing our homes leave a statement of quality that’s inspired by the beauty of their natural environment.

As HIA GreenSmart® Certified Builders, we implement smart home design and advanced building practices that consider the climate and unique block of land. We know how to orient and build a home to improve energy efficiency, water efficiency, air quality, air flow and more.

Waste Saved


We save over 70% of our waste from landfills.

By partnering with Suncoast Skips, bins from our construction sites go to their Resource Recovery Centre for salvaging.

Trees Planted


We’ve planted 160 trees and counting.

Our ongoing support of Reforest invests in Australian planting projects that focus on biodiversity and native eco-systems.

Projects Supported

1 of 5

1/5 projects supported with next added in 2024.

Our 5 Year Target is to support 5 projects that give back to the planet. Our next partnership will be added in 2024.

We partner locally to offset impact and give back to the environment.

We recognise the impact construction can have and actively work to minimise this and reduce our environmental footprint. Part of this is achieved by partnering with local organisations who allow us to improve sustainability practices and give back.

‘To do good, you actually have to do something.’
– Yvon Chouinard