Dean Sauvage | HIA Apprentice of the Year

Introducing the LAWRIE HIA Apprentice of the Year

We’re bursting with excitement and immense pride as we announce that our very own Dean Sauvage has been named the HIA Apprentice of the Year! Dean has been an integral part of our team for several years now, and we couldn’t be happier to see him receive this well-deserved recognition. We want to share with you more about Dean, his journey, and why this award holds such significance in our industry.

To start, we’ll shine a spotlight on Dean himself. He is an exceptional young man with an admirable work ethic. His passion for construction is contagious, and he consistently demonstrates a hunger for learning and improving his craft. When Dean joined our team as an apprentice, we knew we had someone special on board. Over time, he has rapidly developed the skills necessary to thrive in the industry, and his dedication shines through in every project he undertakes.

The HIA Apprentice of the Year is a highly prestigious award in the construction industry, and earning this recognition is no small accomplishment. It acknowledges the tireless efforts, dedicated commitment, and exceptional skills of an apprentice who goes above and beyond. Dean’s win is particularly extraordinary as it’s not often that an apprentice from a small-town builder receives national recognition. Yet, Dean has proven himself to be more than deserving of this award, and we couldn’t be prouder of his well-earned achievement.

Dean’s triumph also serves as a testament to the quality of work and training we provide here at our company. We firmly believe that investing in our team members is the cornerstone of our success.

We strive to cultivate an environment where apprentices feel valued and empowered to learn, grow, and excel. Through hands-on experience, on-site training, and mentorship opportunities, we foster a culture of continuous improvement. Dean’s remarkable accomplishment is a clear indication that our investment in our team pays off in spades.

Furthermore, we seize this moment to encourage everyone in the industry to embrace apprenticeships and mentorship. It is vital to support and inspire those embarking on their careers in construction. By offering opportunities for learning and growth, we not only benefit the apprentices themselves but also contribute to the overall advancement of the industry. Dean’s victory and personal journey serve as an inspiration to many, and we fervently hope that more individuals will recognise the significance of supporting the development of future apprentices.

We are absolutely thrilled and bursting with pride over Dean’s remarkable achievement. Winning the HIA Apprentice of the Year is a testament to his outstanding talent, unwavering work ethic, and the high-quality training we provide as a team. We wholeheartedly encourage everyone to take note of Dean’s exceptional journey and to actively support the growth and development of future apprentices. Dean is an inspiration to us all, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing his continued success.

Here’s to many more accomplished apprentices and a thriving construction industry!