Inside Salt’s Feature Article on our Award-Winning Obi Obi Project, ‘The Barn’

If you’re looking for some rustic grandeur and inspiration for your next home project, Salt Magazine’s feature article on our award-winning Obi Obi project ‘The Barn’ is must-read. Salt’s Lahnee Pavlovich captured the level of detail in this painstakingly handcrafted Obi Obi oasis, without losing sight of where, or what it is. We’re excited to share the highlights of this stunning project with you and give you a glimpse into the incredible work and artistry that went into creating this masterpiece.

For us, The Barn is not only a stunning home, but also a testament to the importance of sustainable building methods and ethics. Further, it is a stunning project, a true masterpiece in Obi Obi and a testament to all involved in its evolution. Salt Magazine has given us fresh eyes and fresh appreciation for a much-loved project. If you’re curious to know more about The Barn at Obi Obi, check out the link to the full feature article in Salt Magazine.