Inside the LAWRIE Process

Our mission is to build exceptional, innovative homes. The philosophy that drives this mission is our commitment to our clients. We know that listening is an essential part of staying true to each unique vision while we take each home from conception to completion.

If you’re wondering what this looks like in action, then read on. By hearing from previous clients, we explore what it’s like to work with LAWRIE as we reflect on each portion of the building process.

The conception of a LAWRIE home

We believe that when creating a custom home, you are creating an extension of yourself. Your lifestyle, values, ideas and tastes all play an important part in its shaping.

From the start, our founder, Dayne, makes sure he understands every element that plays a part in design. This includes the home’s purpose, function and context in its environment.

Chris and Carmen reflect, ‘From our first meeting where we discussed the home we would like to have built, Dayne went out of his way to understand exactly what we wanted to house to look like.

We were involved and informed on every step of the planning and build, and Dayne was always helpful and prompt in responding to any questions we had. His approach and ethics made building our home a stress free and enjoyable experience.’

Paul and Martin also said they were blown away with their new home, “It matched exactly the vision we wanted to achieve with a unique home suited to our requirements. The quality of the finish and attention to detail from DLC were of the highest standard.

Having built before with other mass market builders there is simply no comparison in attention paid to building a quality home.’

The construction of a LAWRIE home


‘It is without doubt that should we decide to build another home, we would not consider any other builder than Dayne Lawrie.’ – Chris & Carmen

When building a custom-designed home, it’s essential that the process and plan for construction are well-considered and fluid. This is where Dayne’s years of experience and careful processes shine through, as well as his innate gift for design and adaptability.

As noted by Christine and Michael,

Dayne coordinated the entire process including orders, delivery and trades with seamless precision,

‘If I had any questions or wanted to make changes or discuss anything at all to do with any aspect (even asking his opinion on choice of taps and windows, etc) Dayne was more than happy to give me his time and always either answered the phone or got back to me within minutes.  We’ve never before experienced such a personalised service with so much attention to the details.’

Careful planning is only ever as good as the team implementing those measures. It’s why at LAWRIE, we select our team carefully. The top-tier individuals we work with are experts in their fields and exemplify the professionalism and integrity we are known for.

Chris and Carmen valued the efficacy, ‘Not only was the house built on time, all of the various tradespersons were courteous, professional and always helpful.

‘There is not a single aspect of our home that we would change or have concern over. The structure, fixtures and fittings meet our high expectations, and we have recommended Dayne Lawrie Constructions to our friends, family and anyone considering building.’ 

It takes a dedicated, skilled group of people to bring each unique, complex home to life. We are thankful to be surrounded by experts who are as passionate about the process as we are.

The completion of a LAWRIE home


Having moved in a month ago, it is now time to reflect and look back on what, once the build started, was an uncomplicated, un-stressful process – made so by your efficient, helpful and pleasant dealings. You accommodated last minute change requests and solved building challenges by finding alternative solutions. It was enjoyable working with you, and also your trades, who share the same passion for excellence and attention to detail as you have.–Larry & Saskia

Talia and Ohad shared, ‘Choosing Dayne as our builder was the best decision we could ever make.

‘From the planning till the end of the construction, Dayne was there for us, with giving us advice and with offering all his amazing knowledge on the building process.

‘Dayne has the best trade’s people working with him; everyone we worked with was so extremely professional, from the tiles to the kitchen, we just loved working with them all, which says a lot about Dayne.

‘I think that the most amazing of it all was that Dayne truly cared about how we felt in regards to the building process, and he wanted us to be happy all the way through.’

Testimonials like these offer us our own opportunity to pause and reflect on the development of LAWRIE. And it’s during these moments that we recognise an unmistakable pride. We’re not only proud of how the businesses has grown, but in the ethics and attitudes we’ve remained true to, throughout the journey, to get here.

The excitement that comes at each step of every project is not something we take for granted, and we raise a glass to the dreams and visions yet to come.



Image of Dayne Lawrie at a custom home construction site with words LAWRIE, inside the LAWRIE process across it.