Introducing our 5-Year Sustainability Commitment

At LAWRIE, we are continuously reflecting on ways we can support the local environment and reduce the impact of home construction. Because of this, we’re excited to introduce our five-year plan and what we’ve already accomplished. Our journey to this point has been fuelled by a drive for constant innovation and improvement, not only in construction but in business practices as well.

Situated amidst the breathtaking views of the Sunshine Coast, we strive to construct homes that honour and reflect the beauty of their location. Our vision extends beyond crafting exemplary homes; it encompasses a desire to contribute meaningfully to local ecosystems and the broader Australian environment. This vision is the cornerstone of our design and construction philosophy, where sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle.

A new partnership, each year.

Our five-year plan, amidst our ongoing efforts, will find us launching a new, additional partnership each year with organisations dedicated to different facets of environmental conservation. Our vision is to support five organisations who contribute in various ways to the preservation of the beautiful country we call home. Continually increasing our positive impact with these partnerships aligns with our vision and closes the gaps in ways we are unable from site.

We’re proud to share, during 2023, we took our first step through a partnership with
Reforest Now with whom we’ve planted over 220 trees this year and counting.

Minimal footprint, maximum impact.

At LAWRIE, we incorporate practices that minimise our footprint during the construction process while supporting organisations that give back. Acknowledging that the construction industry can be inherently wasteful, we’ve taken proactive measures to do things differently.

During construction this year, our partnership with Suncoast Skips ensured our waste was effectively sorted through their Resource Recovery Centre, eliminating approximately 70% from ending up in a landfill.

Further, both our HIA GreenSmart Certification and choices in Designers & Architects enables us to strengthen our circular culture from day-to-day over the span of each build.

In looking ahead.

As we continue to move forward, we commit to continued innovation and improvement as industry leaders in high-end, sustainably built homes. So far, our combined efforts have not only significantly reduced our construction waste but have elevated the quality of our homes in ways that reflect our clients’ visions, lifestyles and values simultaneously. As we continue on our five-year plan, initiated in early 2023, we are enthusiastic about expanding our positive outputs through new partnerships that reinforce our commitment to innovation, sustainability and delivering homes in a way that reflects these values.

Explore more about our values and practices on our Sustainability Page.We will announce who will join Reforest Now as our new 2024 sustainability partner in the new year.