Eco-Conscious Home Builds: The Weathertex Solution

At LAWRIE, we continually seek out products that harmoniously blend sustainability, enduring excellence, and exquisite design. Weathertex is a company that beautifully exemplifies all these attributes. Because of this, they have earned the distinction of being the preferred choice for discerning builders and homeowners alike.

Below, we’ll let you in on three reasons we’ve included their cladding and weatherboards in a number of our custom home builds.

Weathertex takes sustainability seriously.

Their commitment to the environment is reflected throughout every aspect of their product and company. Because they are Australian-owned and manufactured, they have complete control over their product and processes from start to finish and adhere to high environmental standards.

It starts with sourcing, where Weathertex boards and cladding are crafted from Australian hardwood only – primarily Eucalyptus – and paraffin wax. They only use sustainably sourced, PEFC Certified Australian hardwood which supports local eco-systems and contributes to environmentally conscious forestry.

With no added fillers, synthetics, glues, resins, or the like, their products are completely Low VOC. This includes their eco-friendly primer and ensures the product has minimal emissions and contributes to healthy living environments.

The company also boasts a ‘better than zero’ carbon footprint, further reinforcing their commitment to sustainability. An impressive product from start to finish, Weathertex is helping the Australian construction industry reduce its impact on the environment by offering weatherboards that support local ecosystems and Low VOC homes.

Want to know why this is important to us? Read about our commitment to sustainability here

Weatherboards built to endure an Australian climate.

As Sunshine Coast home builders, we understand the challenges a tropical climate can pose to construction materials. Weathertex cladding stands out because it is made in Australia, for Australia. Their weatherboards are purpose-built to endure the extremes. From scorching summers to heavy rain, their products are built naturally, but they are also engineered to last.

In addition, many Weathertex products are rated for bushfire resistance as well as being resistant to extreme heat, moisture, termites and salt-laden air. The last thing homeowners should have to deal with is boards that are warping, rotting or deteriorating prematurely. With warranties of up to 25 years, Weathertex isn’t afraid to stand behind the quality of their products and as builders this is vitally important to us.

For LAWRIE homes, long-lasting qualities are mandatory in every aspect of a build. By offering lasting protection, Weathertex products give our Sunshine Coast homes added durability and visual appeal while our homeowners are given peace of mind by knowing their investment is ready to withstand the test of time.

Simple installation and easy customisation.

For discerning home builders on the Sunshine Coast, efficiency in installation and customisation is key to delivering exceptional results in a timely, cost-effective manner. Weathertex boards are not only made to withstand Australian conditions, but they also make the installation process a breeze.

Designed with a unique, seamless joining system, installation in homes is quick and hassle-free. This feature can be crucial in meeting construction deadlines and ensuring the project proceeds smoothly. The concealed system also contributes to the visual appeal of the finished product.

In addition, they provide a range of design options to match the unique visual preferences of each homeowner. Whether it’s a specific colour, texture, or profile you’re looking for, the level of customisation enables builders to create distinctive, eye-catching facades that set their homes apart from the rest.

Weathertex’s user-friendly installation methods and stunning timber designs are another reason their products are an excellent choice for custom home builders who demand precision and efficiency.

The Wrap on Weathertex

Weathertex emerges as an ideal partner for prestigious home builders on the Sunshine Coast, offering a trifecta of compelling reasons to choose their weatherboards.

Their commitment to sustainability not only reflects a responsible approach to environmental consciousness but also ensures that our custom homes align with eco-friendly practices.

With meticulously designed weatherboards, they provide long-lasting protection and visual appeal, all while enduring the challenge of the Australian climate. The ease of installation and high level of customisation options make the building process smoother and more tailored to your unique vision. With Weathertex, we’re not just constructing homes; we’re crafting enduring masterpieces that stand as a testament to our dedication to quality and the environment.

Which are our Weathertex projects?

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Wildflower, set to break ground before the ringing out of 2023. Stay tuned for updates!