Building Dreams: A Conversation with Trevor Reitsma on Design, Inspiration and ‘Liquid Rock’

LAWRIE x Trevor Reitsma

In the enchanting world of architectural creation, concrete emerges not just as a utilitarian building material but as a storyteller’s canvas. Trevor Reitsma, of Reitsma and Associates, a visionary designer on the Sunshine Coast, generously opens up about the intricate layers of his design philosophy. In this exclusive conversation, we gain insight into the alchemy that transforms raw materials into enduring, luxury homes on the Queensland coast.

Reitsma’s journey into the realm of custom home design finds its roots in youthful sketches. ‘I’ve had a passion for drawing since childhood,’ he shares, ‘likely influenced by my parents’ involvement in the construction industry.’ His father, a hands-on builder, left an indelible mark, sparking a lifelong connection to the art of creation.

The residential design genius draws influence from the masters who have shaped the discipline. ‘My greatest inspiration comes from studying the works of past masters and delving into their methods and rationales,’ Reitsma muses. Eliot Noyes and Richard Neutra stand as pillars in his creative sanctuary, guiding his commitment to a design ethos that stands the test of time.

Concrete, for Reitsma, is not merely a construction material; it’s ‘liquid rock,’ a versatile sculptor’s tool. ‘Concrete has held a special place in my heart for a long time,’ he affirms, emphasising its profound sense of permanence and the visual drama it can bring to architectural homes. When you get a glimpse into the houses he’s designed on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds, it’s evident he possesses a distinctive flair for bringing it to life. In his skilled hands, concrete becomes a medium for crafting spaces that breathe, resonate and endure.

Navigating the ever-evolving design landscape demands a commitment to constant inspiration. Reitsma explains,

‘It’s vital to stay aware of the finest work being created both locally and globally.’

His approach involves an immersive dialogue with diverse sources, from architecture books to platforms like ArchDaily. This commitment underscores his dedication to staying on the cutting edge of architectural innovation.

Reflecting on his design journey, Reitsma shares, ‘One pivotal moment for me was the discovery of Eliot Noyes through his book.’ This encounter laid the foundation for effective collaboration and problem-solving within his design team, shaping his outlook on architectural craftsmanship.

When it comes to Reitsma builds, LAWRIE. has had the privilege of contributing to some truly exceptional projects. One such standout is the First Balgownie Residence.

‘Among the Lawrie builds we have had the pleasure to be a part of,’ he recounts, ‘Dayne and Nadia’s First Balgownie Residence stands out as a testament to Dayne’s meticulous approach to detailing.’

The Peregian Beach custom home features street-facing frameless glass that seamlessly merges into the ensuite’s timber-lined soffit and exemplifies the breathtaking design finesse that captivates Reitsma.

As the conversation unfolds, the anticipation for the latest venture, Wildflower, permeates the discussion. It’s the latest installation in the LAWRIE x Reitsma saga, a project that promises to push the boundaries of residential design innovation. As we grow closer to breaking ground on the Wildflower project, there’s a sense of excitement created with a team whose common ground is a shared commitment to creating spaces that transcend the ordinary.

In Trevor Reitsma’s hands, Queensland homes become a dialogue between the past and the present, a dance with ‘liquid rock’, and a testament to uncompromising design expertise that builds dreams meant to withstand the sands of time. While we eagerly await the newest chapter in the LAWRIE x Reitsma collaboration, Wildflower, we’re reminded that the journey of architectural creation is an ever-evolving symphony, and Reitsma is one of its most eloquent composers.