Inside LAWRIE Design

Here at LAWRIE, timeless design coincides with coastal living, resulting in spaces that are natural extensions of our clients’ lifestyles. Our design philosophy guides our clients towards homes that exude elegance while effortlessly meeting the practical requirements of day-to-day living.

Balancing architectural integrity with sustainability, our homes are well prepared to face the Sunshine Coast’s subtropics. Join us as we delve into the intricate blend of design, functionality, and environmental consciousness to shape homes that epitomise timeless sophistication and coastal flair.


At LAWRIE, what we consider ‘timeless’ rises from the use of clean lines, natural materials and neutral overall palettes. When faced with so many options, less is often more. Over incorporating can result in a home that feels detached instead of cohesive.

There may be room for fads in décor choices, but we discourage their application to permanent structures. The goal is an architectural home that will be just as relevant to future generations.

Rather than being restrictive, working within a broad guide of clean, natural and neutral opens opportunity. It gives our clients a framework in which they can branch out and break rules, knowing that the choices will flow and work synergistically.


When making design considerations, coastal homes everywhere have to consider the climate. Salt air is unforgiving, even if you aren’t directly on the coastline.

Thankfully, at LAWRIE, we understand how to position homes to both protect the house as well as take advantage of natural light and ventilation. It’s a balance. Knowing how the home is positioned aids our choices. And, as always, every product must meet our standards of longevity.

Longevity also plays into our client’s sustainability preferences. High quality, naturally based products tend to be more expensive, so we find areas to prioritise these products while ensuring that every choice will last for years to come. Sometimes, the most sustainable options are those that don’t need frequent replacing due to wear and tear.


In a LAWRIE home, blending design with functionality comes naturally. We don’t think one ever needs to detract from the other. Part of this is having good architectural design as this innately supports the flow and functionality of any home.

A good floor plan allows material selections to simply accentuate the aspects and purposes we want. Then we play with natural light and shadows in a way that highlights both the design and finishing touches.

The open floor living of modern homes is also more intuitive with our modern lifestyles. We no longer require so many rooms reserved for special occasions or single functions like in the past. Kitchens now serve as communal areas for entertaining and guests don’t expect to stay in a front room designed just for visiting. Having one space contribute to the next means these beautiful, open spaces naturally allow for continuity and flow of design.


LAWRIE. Design embodies the same ethics and efforts we put into construction, shaping the handover of a home that speaks to incredible workmanship and wholly embodies timeless design.

By shaping inspiration boards based on our clients’ unique lifestyles, inspirations and ideas, we offer customisation that goes above and beyond the average builder. From faucets to furniture, we put in careful consideration to ensure our houses meet the needs of each family while delivering the holistic home design they’ve always wanted.


Special thanks to Dorian of our in-house design team; owner of Compass Place.