LAWRIE. A Big Ass Fan

In a tropical climate, design considerations must be given to every detail of our homes. At LAWRIE, crafting one-of-kind houses involves careful choice of every single feature. This includes ceiling fans that not only are practical but synergistically contribute to the overall design. As featured in The Barn, Apricus and upcoming Lyrebird, we’ll explore how the innovative designs of Big Ass Fans offer effective, energy-saving circulation without compromising on interior design.

Design’s a Breeze

In the realm of high-end construction, architectural design is paramount. Big Ass Fans complement our homes’ aesthetics while also being a functional, must-have feature for coastal homes. Their residential fans come in a variety of sizes to suit any space, with various mount and accessory options to accommodate pitched, high ceilings. This ease of installation makes them an easy recommendation for our architectural builds. With sophisticated design options, each with a variety of finishes, these fans become practical, integral elements of the architectural narrative.

Power in Flow | Functional Sustainability

Beyond their visual appeal, Big Ass Fans offer airflow functionality that has been perfected by rigorous testing. With multiple decades of industry innovation, these fans don’t just create a breeze; they enhance the overall functionality of your living space, moving more air with less energy. And they do it almost silently.

The science-driven designs offer superior air circulation and climate control while also offering the latest in smart home technology and innovation. Allowing clients to create a custom fan schedule or allowing fans to automate themselves based on ambient temperatures are just two of the smart features they utilise.

These fans also align with our commitment to sustainability by directly contributing to energy-efficient builds. Besides that, they create their fans from high-quality materials and have a team based in Brisbane for Australian support and advice.

For clients who are seeking holistic design integration while being mindful of their environmental footprint, these fans are the ultimate in innovative solutions. They prove luxury isn’t only about aesthetics, but about how design should contribute holistically to your living experience.

You Can’t Pass Big Ass

In our pursuit of crafting the Sunshine Coast’s finest bespoke homes, we are excited by brands who contribute state-of-the-art features. Big Ass Fans offer a way to enhance the overall aesthetic and augment home performance while coinciding with our sustainability vision. These stunning additions absolutely add to the ambiance and liveability of any tropical home, and we are sure to recommend them in future developments.