Knotwood Screens: Custom Timber-Look Exteriors

When it comes to completing external spaces, Knotwood screens stand out with their quality combination of aesthetics and functionality. We’re excited to share more and highlight what makes them a top choice for our Sunshine Coast custom-built homes.

External screens that look like real timber.

One of the standout features of Knotwood aluminium screens is their incredible replication of timber. For our Sunshine Coast builds, this means homeowners avoid problems like rot, warp, and general ageing that can occur with wood in a tropical environment.

Thankfully, Knotwood screens carry the warm, natural appearance of wood, so our clients don’t have to compromise aesthetics for longevity.

No matter what look and colour palette we are working with, Knotwood screens allow us to achieve timeless character and ambience without the inconvenience of looking after timber external screens.


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A functional feature that is built to last.

As with any external feature, quality is non-negotiable. One of the reasons we love using Knotwood screens is because of their commitment to high quality products. This is especially important for Sunshine Coast homes which are close to the coastline and experience rainy seasons.

These screens are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and ongoing exposure to the elements without fading or failing in any way.

We include these screens in LAWRIE custom houses with confidence, knowing they not only look stunning but also provide a lasting investment for our clients’ external and outdoor spaces. Knotwood themselves offer 15 year warranties, depending on the product. Every piece that goes into a build must be up to our standards and Knotwood screens pass the test.

External screens with versatile options for every build.

Finally, the versatility and variety of Knotwood screens further adds to their value and ease of inclusion. With customisable options for different extrusions, sections and shapes, these screens can be added to any architectural home build and according to our clients’ visions.

Their extensive screen selection allows us to offer enhanced privacy, light control, air flow and distinct zones to any external home or outdoor space no matter the architectural design.


In Conclusion

All in all, Knotwood screens emerge as a premier choice for our Sunshine Coast home builds. We choose them for their ability to accurately replicate wood grains, high standards for quality, and customisable options for easy installation and inclusion.

When we add outdoor screens to a LAWRIE build, we’re adding sophistication and durability while simultaneously giving our clients more control over their home.

For all these reasons, we’re proud to offer this feature highlight on Knotwood screens.