Q1 & Done: Projecting LAWRIE. Homes

It’s an exciting time behind-the-scenes at LAWRIE with two completed projects photographed and two more set for completion within the year. Realising projects sets off new sparks of inspiration and energy throughout the entire team. Read about our team’s progress so far this year below.


The outer shell of the Lyrebird home has transformed into a hub. Our team has been busy with the worksite seeing painters, cabinet makers, plumbers, and scaffolders as we continue working towards its final vision.

With unique pillars and wood-features, this home is slowly turning from blank slate to masterpiece. Read our journal with Lyrebird architect Dan Sparks who we interviewed earlier last year.

Designer: Sparks Architects

Location: Peregian Beach

Progress: Mid-build

Photo gallery: See here


We got to revisit the curves and textures of Halcón in the project wrap photoshoot with Brock Beazley. With its draping greenery and integrated outdoor spaces, it was the perfect day to capture the heart of Halcón. It’s a house we’ll never tire of looking at.

As co-designers on this project, we know this home will continue to inspire us long into the future. Read more about our design ethos here.

Designer: Lawrie Design & Suncoast Building Design

Location: Marcus Beach

Progress: Complete

Photo gallery: See here 


Our work on this waterfront property has continued. One of the notable tradesman on site recently was spangler Nick Ions from Ionclad who fitted out and installed some of his signature copper work. Stay tuned for our interview with Nick, coming out soon.

As we add windows and other external features, we raise Vesistö from the ground up, a vision well worth the effort and anticipation. We know that once we move to interiors, time will seem to slip by even faster. We look forward to seeing this projected completed later in the year.

Designer: NRA Collab

Location: Noosa Canals

Photo gallery: See here


With Apricus being lived in, the only thing needed to close this project was photos of the completed build. While we await finals from photographer Brock Beazley, we get to flick through pictures from the visit with architect Trevor Reitsma and his team.

Receiving these pictures as proof of the long hours that went into the making is always cause for excitement at the LAWRIE office. It’s been a pleasure to share them, and we trust the new owners are enjoying calling this striking place home.

Designer: Reitsma Associates

Location: Peregian Beach

Progress: Complete

Photo gallery: See here 

Stay tuned for more projects to come in Q2.